Agile vs Waterfall

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There’s something to be said about the Agile method of development,  which applies to the development of pretty much everything.  It was originally created for software development, however, it also applies to life in general.  It follows the principle of continuous improvement, and allows everyone to contribute, even the developer(s).

In life, nothing stays the same.  Change is the only thing that is constant.  It’s the same in any market….nothing stays the same.  That’s were the agile method really shines.  It takes into account those changes, sooner rather than later.

Being agile is also beneficial because it produces an immediate value.  Whereas, the Waterfall method only produces a deliverable outcome at the very end of the process.  Sometimes this process can take years…..and years.  For example, a developer locked into the Waterfall method might see an error along the path to final delivery, however they are usually discouraged from making changes to the product because it would affect the previous steps.  This results in delivering an unacceptable product in the end, because the process is lock-step and not flexible to the changing needs of the customer.

The agile method is very popular and has been well proven in the private sector, because it adds value for the customer.  It increases efficiency and decreases overall cost, which is something the private sector normally appreciates.  While archaic, the Waterfall method is still used in large institutions like the government, where time and cost aren’t always the top priority.

There are several frameworks which use the agile method.  For example Scrum and Kanban.  Scrum was developed by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland.

I think the agile methodology makes more sense.  I have and will continue to encourage it wholeheartedly.


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