Sketching User Experiences

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Book Review

In his book, author Bill Buxton shares many gems about designing user experiences for just about any product, including physical and digital.  He includes stories about some of the things Apple, Microsoft, and others have gone through in designing their products.  The major theme throughout the book is exploring creative, cost efficient ways to test end-user experiences.  He strongly suggests beginning the initial design stage with hand-drawn sketches.

Some of the many things he shares in his book are:

Due to its speed and low cost, sketching affords us the luxury of exploring a range of different solutions to any problem that we are confronting. (pg. 201)

Everyone is essential, but no person or group is sufficient on his or her own. (pg. 53)

But my strongest argument is for the need for an explicit and distinct design process, integrated into the larger organization, supported by appropriate executive leadership. (pg. 71)

Design is a process of elimination and filtering as well as generation. (pg. 74)

Making a plan and sticking to it guarantees a sub-optimal solution. –original quote by Andrew Fitzgibbon (pg. 175)


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