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Smartsheet takes the familiar concept of spreadsheets and makes them available online. Some of the features include worldwide collaboration, Gantt Charts, project management sheets, revision tracking, alerts/email notifications, group comments, remote sheet cell linking, and now agile project cards.

Wide availability
Low cost
Runs on SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)
Documents are downloadable
Easy to use

The user permissions are at the sheet level and are limited to Viewer, Editor, and Admin (along with the Sheet Owner). It would be nice to have separate row/cell permissions, especially for role based workflows where only a certain role can modify a cell.

I needed a tool for managing projects which allowed for collaboration between several groups spread out across the country. At the time (2014), Microsoft Project was only offered as a stand-alone version, which required a separate license for each computer and a separate server version for true collaboration. I was paying out of pocket, so I wanted to keep the cost as reasonable as possible. The tool also had to be accessible from behind a government firewall–because many public websites are filtered out by the federal government. It also had to be fairly intuitive and easy to use, because I didn’t have extra time to train all of the end users. I also wanted the project documentation to be downloadable for accountability and archival purposes.

I chose Smartsheet. It worked for me.







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