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My name is Marshall Shepherd, also known as Bobby.  I was born and raised in America, in the great state of TEXAS.  I’ll keep this short.

1990’s – 2015

Me deployed in 1990 (left).  On top of an F-15.

I retired honorably from the U.S. Air force after 20 years, at the rank of E-6. In short, my assignments generally involved 8 years repairing F-15 aircraft, and 12 years training avionic technicians.  What an amazing adventure. I got to repair the amazing F-15 aircraft, train avionic technicians, build computer based training applications, and work with a team developing real aircraft simulators.  I also served during a time which involved a major transformation for the Air Force. This transformation into current technology provided many opportunities for me to grow and learn more about computers and how to integrate them to get things done.  So, along with my primary job, I also served as a computer support technician.

The U.S. Air Force gave me several opportunities to travel, finish a bachelor’s degree, and more opportunities to learn and grow than I could have ever imagined.  My U.S. Air Force career was undoubtedly an incredible way of life.

I was in Desert Shield approximately 1 year after entering the service.  Two weeks after I returned from Desert Storm (March 1991), I fell in love with a woman and got married almost a year later.  We traveled around the World and raised 5 beautiful children together.

2015 – present

I like to exercise and enjoy the outdoors.

I am a firm believer in “work hard/play hard.”  When I’m not at work, I like to unwind outdoors with a walk or jog.  I play the drums, piano, and/or my vocal chords when I get the chance.  I appreciate live music, culinary experiences in the kitchen, reading a good book, and watching a good movie.



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Whether it's programming, troubleshooting, cooking, or playing music, Marshall enjoys being creative.

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