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My name is Marshall Shepherd, also known as Bobby.  I was born and raised in America, in the great state of TEXAS.  I’ll keep this short.

1990’s – 2015

Me deployed in 1990 (left).  On top of an F-15.

I retired honorably from the U.S. Air force after 20 years, at the rank of E-6. In short, my assignments generally involved {8 years repairing F-15 avionics} and {12 years training avionic technicians}.  What an amazing adventure. I got to repair the amazing F-15 aircraft, train as a Master Instructor, build interactive training applications, and work with a team developing aircraft simulators.

The U.S. Air Force gave me several opportunities to travel, finish a bachelor’s degree, and more opportunities to learn and grow than I could have ever imagined.  My U.S. Air Force career was undoubtedly an incredible way of life.

I was in Desert Shield approximately 1 year after entering the service.  Two weeks after I returned from Desert Storm (March 1991), I fell in love with a woman and got married almost a year later.  We raised 5 beautiful children together. I continued serving the Air Force in contract training for 6 more years after I retired.  My most recent work included computer/database administration, e-learning development, and project management.

2015 – present

I like to exercise and enjoy the outdoors.

I like to get outdoors for a walk or jog, play the drums, piano, and/or my vocal chords when I get the chance.  I also enjoy live music, cooking, reading, and a good movie.

I read every one of the comments.  However, I may not respond immediately.



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Whether it's programming, designing a user interface, troubleshooting a network, cooking, or playing music, Marshall enjoys being creative.

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