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PowerShell Introduction

Filed in Software on March 11, 2019
PowerShell Introduction

I was working at a company where I was given the task of maintaining over 3000 computers. Most of the time my job entailed troubleshooting and repairing problems encountered by employees, however I also maintained the software on all of those systems. I was able to begin my troubleshooting process by accessing their computer remotely using a custom built application someone in my office created with Visual Studio. A year went by and the person who developed the custom application moved to another department. Wouldn’t you know it…the application began to crash. A custom application built by one person– over many years– zero documentation — and no source code… so I began exploring alternatives.

That’s when I discovered the beauty of Microsoft PowerShell. I was fortunate because the larger organization had already adopted PowerShell and started encouraging techs to use it. The biggest hurdle was the learning curve. I’ve always had a passion to learn programming, so I decided to dive right in and explore PowerShell’s features. I was gladly surprised how much Microsoft has done with the language. It’s really remarkable.

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