Texas trail

I took the photos (above) on different days. Rain and shine.

Did you know that jogging can reduce your risk of heart disease by up to 45%? Yes. That is correct, 45%! A 15-year study was published in 2014 by the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. They had over 50,000 participants.

Texas trail

I’m really grateful for the local parks! I’ve jogged in different parts of the world, and in many climates.

Alaska is simply bitter cold. Iceland is dry and extremely windy. Colder days require layering up. Wearing multiple layers of thin clothing is better than 1 large jacket. The hot climates are easy– wear less. Heat should be allowed to escape, otherwise it creates a greater risk of heat exhaustion.

Diet is very important too, if you are interested in your long-term health. Being consistent is the hardest part of running. I’ve been jogging for over 36 years, but I still remember what I felt like on those first days starting out. It was rough.

Texas road